Why Breaks?

Because 7 Minutes is All it Takes

97% of users say short, impactful
Bright Breaks improve their overall wellbeing

(A real conversation from our members)

A Remote-First Wellness
Program that Works for

Want to reduce stress, improve health, and boost performance for your team? Help them take breaks that fit with their schedule.

Regular breaks elevate employee well-being, but the benefits don’t stop with individuals: Breaks are so powerful that entire teams, and even companies, reap the rewards.

This is why Bright Breaks are the perfect workday wellness program. Read on to discover the many upsides of breaks.

How Breaks Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

Breaks can be a defining factor in employee well-being. Short breaks
can renew cognitive performance, motivation, engagement, and
mental and physical health.


Improve my overall well-being


Feel more connected to my teammates


Improve my work-life balance


Feel more productive at work


Feel more appreciated by my employer


Helped me cope better with stress

Reduce Stress and Burnout

Overwork can lead to stress and depression. But even short breaks can reduce feelings of stress, restore emotional health, and increase feelings of well-being.

Help Employees Stay Sharp

The brain isn’t wired to maintain high-level performance for several hours. To do our best work, we all need time to rest and replenish our mental and physical energy.

Breaks are the unparalleled way to boost cognitive performance: Memory, learning, and creativity are improved after short breaks—and decision fatigue and procrastination are reduced.

Spark Engagement and Connection

Employees with high well-being feel supported and appreciated at work, have meaningful connections with their peers and leaders, and feel a strong sense of purpose—97% of Bright Breaks users report an overall improvement in their well-being!

Sustain Physical Health and Prevent Illness

Periodically standing, stretching, walking, or exercising throughout the workday can minimize or prevent physical ailments—and reduce the risk of more serious chronic illnesses. It’s a win for your employees and a win for your healthcare and insurance expenses.

I love using Bright Breaks, it has made me feel empowered to take back "me" time and to take care of myself, thus being able to take care of the important people in my life. Bright Breaks has exceeded my expectations in ease of use and how interactive and motivating the instructors are, for this reason I would recommend Bright Breaks to anyone.
Courtney House
Premise Manager
League Data
Bright Breaks gives me an opportunity to take some time for myself during my work day to recharge, but also helps me be at my best during my work day. It's such a win-win!
Steph Wagner
People Operations Manager

How Breaks Boost Company Performance

Proving the ROI of your wellness program just got easier because the benefits of
breaks don’t stop with individual employees—the gains compound when looking at
team and company performance.

Breaks Increase Productivity

Taking a break from mentally demanding tasks to engage in physical activity or relaxation exercises restores energy and decreases fatigue.

In fact, studies find that 10% of the highest workplace performers take more breaks than their peers. Refreshing their cognitive and physical energy stores helps them maintain those high performance levels.

Breaks Improve Retention

97% of employees who use Bright Breaks reported an increase in well-being.

It’s been reported that employers who offer the most wellness practices experience 11% less turnover than employers with fewer options. And the performance of employees who report high well-being and job satisfaction can be correlated to decreased turnover, as well as higher productivity and profitability.

Want to find out why 63% of Bright Breaks users report feeling
more appreciated by their employer? Check out our latest case studies:

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NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
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