The Workplace Wellness Platform
You Actually Want to Use


88% of Bright Breaks users have less stress and 97% of users
have experienced improved overall well-being.

Take Time to De-Stress
and Recharge

As a remote-hybrid, or office worker, you spend most of the day sitting. And with constant meetings and demands daily, it’s difficult to even remember to take a break—let alone build self-care into a consistent habit.

But not anymore.

Bright Breaks is the wellness platform that gives you the permission (and reminder) to pause during the workday so you can stay energized.

7 mins

Bringing Better Breaks
Into Your Workday

Make breaks part of your workday without putting another item on your to-do list. Bright Breaks is a simple, accessible platform that helps you prioritize your well-being and keep stress in check—all it takes is a few clicks and a few minutes (7, to be exact).

  1. Calendar IntegrationA Break, Delivered to You Daily Get reminded to take a micro-break and stay accountable with a live session added to your calendar.
  2. Personalized For YouThe Right Break, at The Right Time With a little input from you, the smart scheduler chooses a break that fits your availability and preferences. Whether you want to move, breathe, or stretch, you’re covered.
  3. Incentives That Support YouWin prizes for prioritizing your self care Staying motivated and accountable to your self can be challenging. To make it easier, you’re eligible to win up to $500 per week useful prizes from the likes of Airbnb, Lululemon, and Apple.

Better Breaks = Better Well-Being

Did you know that all breaks are not created equal? Studies find that the most effective breaks allow you to do something restorative for your mind and body. This is why you don’t feel refreshed if you use your break time to run errands or tackle those small, lingering to-do items.

If you want a workday break that’s going to reduce stress, boost well-being, and keep you feeling energized throughout the day, you want to try:

Bright Breaks offers all of these—and more—so you can find a session that fits your needs and interests. Simply
tell Bright Breaks what sessions you’re interested in and the smart scheduler will do the rest.

The Alternative to High-Cost,
Low-Use Apps

If you’ve been wanting to create a wellness habit but paid apps like Calm, Headspace, Peloton, or Obé didn’t make a lasting impact, Bright Breaks may be the perfect solution:

  • Just 7 minutes per day is all it takes.
  • No equipment or planning is needed.
  • Live breaks fit seamlessly into your workday.
  • With over 300 live breaks per week, you can always find one to fit any mood or energy level.

What Employees Are Saying About Bright Breaks:

I love the 7 min breaks as they give me just enough time to relax yet not miss too much work, and I am refocused when I start again. It has also been a great way to spend a few minutes with colleagues, not just working. Bright Breaks is a wonderful tool and I am grateful that my company offers this program.
Jackie Clavel
Marketing Manager
Cape d'Or Holdings Limited
I love using Bright Breaks. It helps remind me to take breaks throughout the day and focus on my physical health!
Jorden Guth
Project Manager - Customer Launch

Boosting your well-being
has never been easier.

Have you taken a Bright break today?

Join the movement to truly prioritize employee wellness.
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
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