Reach Your HR Wellness
Goals with Ease

A wellness program that helps you prove ROI by promoting a
healthy lifestyle and driving participation.

Improve Employee Wellness —
Without Extra Work

As a Human Resources leader, you’re busy—really busy. You want a wellness program that works without feeling like work.

Bright Breaks is designed for maximum positive impact on employee wellness with minimal legwork for HR departments. Automatic scheduling, 7-minute sessions and gift card prizes drive engagement for you.

A Frictionless Way to Roll Out
Your Wellness Program

Rolling out a new program, such as a wellness program, can be a drawn-out process—but Bright Breaks’ onboarding and friction-free setup makes getting to your launch moment a snap.
  1. Upload – Add your list of employees with ease via spreadsheet import.
  2. Activate – Your employees are prompted to create an account and have their first break suggested to them. Or, they can choose to browse one of 300+ live breaks that week.
  3. Analyze – Track your team’s participation and engagement at a glance.

Bright Breaks Seamlessly Integrate
Into the Workday

Want to offer a wellness program but are worried about whether it will detract from work?
Bright Breaks is the perfect solution because workday breaks are short (just 7 minutes) and there really is something for everyone.

Variety, Every Day

Your employees can choose from a daily yoga session, strength training workout, healthy cooking class, meditation break and more. And since scheduling is automated, employees can participate without any headache or hassle.

In Rhythm with Work

Best of all, Bright Breaks feel like part of the workday rather than one more “to-do” item. It lets your employees know you care and highlights that breaks are just as important as the work itself.

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Bright Breaks Boost Well-Being,
Productivity, and Retention

Employees who take workday Bright Breaks are more likely to experience
improvements in their personal and professional lives, including:
   Increases in their overall sense of well-being
   More productivity in the workplace
   An improved work-life balance
   An enhanced ability to cope with stress

Take Your Wellness Plan
to New Heights


Engage your entire team during company meetings

Start off on the right foot by having an Educator drop into a company-wide meeting to lead short a calm, focus, or energizing micro-break.

Incentives that drive engagement

When your employees take breaks, they’re eligible to win all or part of a $500 prize, every week. This drives participation. And the cost to you? Absolutely zero.


Take better breaks together

Missing the connection that happens in the office? Employees are encouraged to take breaks together and Bright Breaks makes this simple.

Dedicated Success Team

From day one, you’ll begin to work with a dedicated customer success representative who will support you through onboarding, engagement, and benefits specific to your company.

Insights that help you succeed

View participation analytics across daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time engagement so you know what’s working and for who.

You get to grow, too

Discover how other HR leaders create a culture of wellness through our ongoing fireside chat series.

What are HR Professionals saying about Bright Breaks?

We’ve been collaborating with Bright Breaks for more than 3 years. The team at Bright Breaks is very responsive, quick to provide solutions, and always providing exceptional experience for us and our employees. Bright Breaks helps promote employees’ mental and physical health, encourage employees to take breaks, and conducts weekly challenges which has certainly assisted Kobo’s employee population both in-office and remote.
Justin Van
Director of Global Human Resources
Rakuten Kobo
We are always looking for new and exciting ways to continue to promote the importance of wellness because the well being of our employees is a priority. We launched Bright Breaks in February of 2022 and it was an instant hit with our employees! The amazing weekly challenges, prizes and live breaks keeps our employees motivated to continue to work towards their wellness goals.
Michelle Anderson, CHRP
Human Resources Generalist
Bennington Financial
One employee who had never tried meditation before was once invited to a meditation break by a colleague. She loved it, started a meditation practice with Bright Breaks, and her blood pressure came down. Bright Breaks changed her life.
Marsha Roul Spencer
Employee Experience Specialist
League Data

Get the wellness program that’s designed
with HR leaders in mind.

Have your employees taken a Bright Break today?

Join the movement to truly prioritize employee wellness.
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
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