The Workplace Wellness Alternative to Calm

Bright Breaks is built for corporate wellness from day
one, offering a breadth of live video 7-minute wellness
breaks for any and all needs.

A Bright Breaks Break for
Every Body—and Mind

Unlike other wellness platforms, Bright Breaks has something for everybody. So whether your team wants to unwind with breathing and stretching, break a sweat with a HIIT or strength training workout, or spark curiosity by learning something new, welling is just a 7-minute session away.

300+ live sessions weekly, from stretching to learning
Unlike most wellness programs that offer a single solution, Bright has something for everyone.

AI Scheduling
Automatically find meeting-free time and invite employees to take a break.

Simple Insights, Major Impact
You get access to a metrics dashboard that makes it easy to track your team’s participation.

Easy Access
It’s easy for employees to participate no matter where they are.

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How Do Bright Breaks
and Calm Stack Up?

There are wellness apps like Calm that focus on, well, getting calm. And then there’s Bright Breaks, a wellness program that offers workday breaks to suit any mood, ability, and energy level on your team.

Bright Breaks provides 300+ live group sessions each week including: yoga, stretching, strength training, meditation, nutrition, gratitude sessions, and more.

You’ll find that Bright Breaks are as varied as the personalities that make up your team. That’s intentional—it ensures sessions are interesting, engaging, and inspiring for individuals and groups.

Group Breaks Encourage Connection
and Camaraderie

Research shows that connection is a key component of happier, high-performing teams. Bright Breaks are a fun, low-pressure way for employees to discover shared interests, explore new activities together, or just unwind as a group.

Our live virtual Bright Break format makes it easy for remote-hybrid teams to stretch, breathe, or learn together no matter where they’re located.

Bright Breaks Makes Wellness Program
Engagement Easy and Consistent

Integrating Bright Breaks into the workday is simple and straightforward.

  • With our calendar integration, employees get a personalized break suggested in their schedule, daily.
  • Don’t worry about booking sessions, the AI-powered smart scheduler handles that—automatically identifying free time and inviting employees to enjoy a daily break. It’s even smart enough to group teammates who share free time, so they can take breaks together.
  • Bright Breaks are easily accessible on the web or through our iOS, and Android apps

Bright Breaks are the Better Way to Stretch, Breathe,
Work Out, and Refresh during the workday.

Features & Benefits

Bright Breaks

300+ live 7-minute breaks each week

Video and audio guidance for each break

Ability to take breaks as a group

Google or Microsoft calendar integration

Daily Break smart scheduler makes recommendations

Easily accessible customer service team

Bright Breaks Reviews from HR Leaders and Employees

I love the 7 min breaks as they give me just enough time to relax yet not miss too much work, and I am refocused when I start again. It has also been a great way to spend a few minutes with colleagues, not just working. Bright Breaks is a wonderful tool and I am grateful that my company offers this program.
Jackie Clavel
Marketing Manager
Cape d'Or Holdings Limited
I love using Bright Breaks. It helps remind me to take breaks throughout the day and focus on my physical health!
Jorden Guth
Project Manager - Customer Launch
One employee who had never tried meditation before was once invited to a meditation break by a colleague. She loved it, started a meditation practice with Bright Breaks, and her blood pressure came down. Bright Breaks changed her life.
Marsha Roul Spencer
Employee Experience Specialist
League Data
What I was looking for was an answer to the issue of offering our global company as many options as possible for wellness. We needed something that could be inclusive to all our employees across 16 countries, and for all ages and abilities.
Jen Paterno
Learning and Development Specialist
Big Viking Games

Have you taken a Bright break today?

Join the movement to truly prioritize employee wellness.
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
NEW! Bring some sole to your summer with a workplace Step Challenge. Learn More
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