January Is Mental Wellness Month: Easily Promote with Free Resources


January is Mental Wellness Month – start the discussion with your employees easily with free scripts and a Canva template!

The transition from holiday joy to the normal work routine can cause stress, anxiety and stir up negative feelings.  January is recognized as Mental Wellness Month which is apt given the self-imposed pressures of personal improvement amidst the stressors of balancing work and personal responsibilities. 

Chances are, you’re feeling the need to boost your own well-being this time of year and your employees are feeling it too. If your organization works in a remote environment, encouraging wellness this time of year is especially important as remote workers already face their own unique wellness challenges. 

Mental Wellness - An Important Topic for Remote Workers

According to Harvard Medical School, 50% of the world’s population will personally experience at least one mental health disorder before the age of 75. 

While there are many benefits to working remotely, remote workers are vulnerable to mental health issues including feelings of isolation, loneliness and challenges with work-life balance. 

This means it is likely a fair number of employees at your remote organization are affected by challenging mental health experiences. Of course, as an HR leader, you’re already aware of this through (hopefully not too many) reports of employees burning out and through proactive measures such as employee surveys. 

January Mental Wellness Month Promotional Resources

To help you start the discussion and share some tips with employees in the spirit of Mental Wellness Month, we’ve got pre-written scripts and a Canva template you can use to easily bolster activity in your wellness-themed Slack, Viva Engage and other internal communications channels. 

In January, we have scripts ready to deliver to your inbox every week that covers advice and tips around:

  • New year intentions
  • Calming overwhelm during the workday
  • Reducing negative impacts of the post-holiday slump
  • The importance of taking breaks
The scripts are optimized to be informative and engaging, in order to inspire conversation among colleagues. 

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  • Friendly, informative and engaging
  • Educational with links to reputable sources
  • Visually appealing with Canva templates to promote wellness themes every month

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What you should do now

  1. Promote best practices for remote worker health with free copy/paste, pre-written scripts you can post every week in your internal communications channels.

  2. Learn from top HR & People Leaders about the latest strategies to keep your remote workforce happy, healthy, and connected on The Virtual Vibe Podcast.

  3. Contact our sales team to discover the benefits of our built-for-the-workplace wellness solution, compared to B2C offerings like Calm or Headspace.
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